An analysis of international tourist behavior towards tourism sector in Kelantan

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An analysis of international tourist behavior towards tourism sector in Kelantan


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Tourism is an interesting, important and most extensive area to be investigated and developed. It brings obvious economic gains and creates job opportunities in service and manufacturing sector. Therefore, it is not a surprise that tourism is one of the most important contributors toward economic activities in many parts of the world includmg Malaysia and in particular the Kelantan State. The objectives of this study are; to develop a summary profile of the international tourists in Kelantan, to analyze the best practice in attracting the international tourist and lastly to determine an overview of the international tourist behaviour towards tourism in Kelantan. This paper presents an analysis of the data, retrieved from the guest book at the Kelantan Tourist Information Centre, TIC, using descriptive and cross tabulation with Chi Square test for independence and also Pareto analysis. The results can assist the decision maker to ensure all developments and promotion's plan are hlly developed and implemented efficiently to the hllest extent. Through the findings, Kelantan was described as a beautiful, nice and interesting destination. It also consist a lot of unique attraction and friendly neighbourhood. Moreover, the international tourists prefer to make Kelantan as a transit before continuing their journey to other destination such as Thailand and Perhentian Island, Terengganu. Therefore, the responsible parties should take major step forward by optimizing the development of Kelantan's tourism sector in three categories of attractions; natural attractions, culture, craft and heritage attractions and shopping arcade attractions. Keyword


Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani
Zuhaimy Ismail
Marinah Muhammad



UTHM Institutional Repository




Universiti Malaysia Kelantan






Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani, Zuhaimy Ismail, and Marinah Muhammad, “An analysis of international tourist behavior towards tourism sector in Kelantan,” Digital Kelantan Collection, accessed May 29, 2023,