Suriani Nasi Kukus a New Experience

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Suriani Nasi Kukus a New Experience


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Kota Bahru: In addition to serving a delicious menu with a variety of side dishes, the Suriani Nasi Kukus restaurant here has been gaering towards customers comfort and with uniqueness.

       Adopting the concept of an open-air restaurant, the restaurant at Jalan Stadium features dining tables that are made from old sewing machines.

       Its owner, Suriani Che Ngah, 44, said the idea of using an old sewing machine as a dining table came about few months ago and had its own meaning.

        "It symbolises my business venture involving Nasi kukus and is akin to a piece of old cloth being turned into a pair of new clothes.

        "Many of my customers were attract with this unique decor and had been impressed with it", she said.

        Suriani said she buys her traditional sewing machine from the local scrap metal shop and also individuals for around RM80 and RM150 per unit.

        "For now, I own 60 such tables, of which half are placed at the nearby Tempayan Bakery", she said, adding that business starts at 12noon daily.

        Suriani said she began the Nasi Kukus venture with her husband Azman Awang in 2004 at a stall before opening a restaurant.

        "The idea of selling Nasi Kukus  came about as my husband worked in a restaurant and decided to venture on his own".

         "Starting small from our stall, we saved enough money and a few years later opened a shop as customers started increasing in numbers", she said. By Siti Rohana Idris


Siti Rohana Idris


NewStraits Times


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11 Ogos 2018


NewStraits Times


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